What to wear when having your photo taken

When working with new clients, the number one question that I am asked is, “What should we wear for our portrait session?” Most importantly, I suggest choosing something that you feel comfortable in. In general I offer the following tips:

Dark colored clothing (especially pants) works well because it has a slimming effect in photographs.

**Avoid solid white or cream tops as they can reflect light in **certain settings.

Dress a group in complementary colors.

Wear classic styles to prevent the photograph from looking outdated later.

Jeans photograph well, and barefeet look awesome on the beach!

Choose a hue that complements your eye color.

A bit more make-up than normal appears natural in photos.

Avoid ballcaps and clothing with logos.

Colorful accessories like scarves and jewelry can enhance the photo in an understated way.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

There are a few exceptions for certain photos like professional head shots, maternity/belly pictures and newborn portraits. Feel free to drop me an email, and check through my albums to get ideas about how best to dress for those type of pictures.

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