I provide story-telling photography. My photos veer towards art—with the weaving together of subject matter, emotion, location, and occasion. Even my commercial photography has an authentic lifestyle vibe that makes the viewer stop, think and smile.

I love to capture unique images of families together and even livelihoods and businesses. Documenting the emotion that unfolds during my time with people is my passion.

A summer Business Management internship while in college was the launching point in my serious pursuit of photography. Even though I studied business, photography was my passion. That summer I bought my first ‘good’ camera and set out on the internship that had me traveling all across the US. As beautiful and interesting as the scenery was, I found the most inspiration from the small details. I learned a lot about composition that summer.

Over time, I took the leap from the corporate world into making photography my full-time job. (And by “job”, I mean you can find me on the beach with my camera over shoulder!) Well, you can still find me in the corporate world too actually. I do quite a bit of commercial photography these days, and that includes head shots, taking real estate and marketing pictures, and even lifestyle catalog photography.

Regardless of the occasion, I always start by getting to know my clients – what they are looking for in the photos, how they plan to use them, and even their comfort level with having their photos taken. This is the basis for my creative direction. If there is one underlying theme to my style, it would be authenticity. For families in particular, one of my favorite things to hear after a photo shoot is, “We had so much fun!”

It’s exciting for me to record the joy, settings and beauty of special times in people’s lives. My ‘job’ is to capture some of the best, happiest, and biggest moments – weddings, babies, families being together. This is work I truly love.